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Hexed Private against all but Severus Snape

You know, Severus, despite your continual protests to the contrary, I still can't help but believe that you always enjoyed yourself during revels.

I mean, if your bitch's screams are any indication, I imagine that you enjoyed doing similar things to her on many occasions.

You were, as they say, a lucky man, Severus. But no more. Your bitch is entirely in my hands now and there is nothing you can do about it. I'm sorry that I can't keep the other part of my promise, but I'm afraid that my followers simply refused to be denied their pleasures.

I took her first, of course. Such lovely skin. It's almost a shame to mar it. Almost.

I think, perhaps, that the others have finally finished with her now. I believe I'll go down and pay her a second visit.

And don't worry. I'll be sure to tell her that you send your regards.
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