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Hexed Private against all but Death Eaters, Italics Private

What the flying fuck do you lot think you're doing?!

Never in my life have I been surrounded by such a bunch of incompetent fools!

Roderick, you bloody imbecile, you fucked up your own plan! Not only that, but you were going after one woman. One woman, who, as your partner reported, didn't appear to have the best defencive skills. You had her! You fucking had her! You should have portkeyed with her to my side the moment she was in the forest. I will not forget this, Roderick. I suggest you tread lightly and follow my orders to the letter if you want any chance of getting back into my good graces.

And what the fucking hell is going on with Banks?! He didn't tell me anything about whatever it was he was doing, but I've managed to hear that he fucked that up too.

SOMEONE get here and tell me what the fuck is going on.

And all of you had bloody well better straighten up. I will not allow any more pathetic mistakes as I have witnessed last night.

Useless fools, the entire lot of them.

And he had her! So fucking close to having Snape right where I wanted him.

And apparently, she's still missing. But I can't send any more Death Eaters anywhere near the place because it's obvious that the Order has been put on alert.


I swear to Hades that I will get my hands on her if...

Wait a moment...they think she's still missing. They don't know that I don't have her. But if she is still in the forest like Roderick says, then it won't be long until they find her. In fact, it's almost strange that they haven't yet.

Still, if I can't actually get a hold of her just yet, at the very least I can have a bit of fun with the situation...
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