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Lord Voldemort's Journal

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Saturday, November 1st, 2003
Simply marvelous. Absolutely perfect. It could not have gone any better.

Well, perhaps if there had been the opportunity to kill Potter...but no matter. This will do for now.

Hogsmeade is no more, the prophecy has been obtained, and the Weasleys... Well, the Weasley's got away, but I received a more than adequate consolation prize.

Severus Snape. I should have known better. Should have known he was a traitor. Lucifer knows how many plans he has ruined. He learned the price of such folly last night, and he will learn it again repeatedly, as soon as I am done formally interrogating him.

Which, I believe, I'll go and do now. Bloody bastard passed out on me last night. He's bound to be awake by now...

current mood: jubilant

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3:10p - Italics viewable only to Severus Snape

::continues in the same loud voice::

Where did he...? How did he...?

FUCK! ::blasts something with his wand::

When I get my hands on you Severus Snape, I'm going to make you feel pain a thousand times over what you felt last night! ::seethes:: And as for that bitch of yours, when I get my hands on her - and I will - she will feel every ounce of pain that was meant for your future before your escape. I will see to it personally. And I will make sure that every, single Death Eater here knows her intimately - while you fucking watch.

And then you can have the honor of killing her with your bare hands, and suffering for days on end at mine.

::feels slightly better::

This is an order for everyone in this army: Severus Snape and/or Raelyn Vector are to be captured and brought to me alive. Anyone who kills them will suffer the fate meant for them. No excuses.

::goes back to blasting things to pieces::

current mood: infuriated

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