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Lord Voldemort's Journal

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Saturday, October 25th, 2003
Almost there.

Less than one week left.

I can hardly keep a grip on my armies, much less myself. I want to launch this attack now, damn it.

But it will come soon enough, and anyway, there are still things that need to be done.

Severus sent another "nothing is going on, I have made no progress, and I have nothing of any real importance to tell you" owl. I'm getting sick this shit. One week he'll actually get something done, and then the next three nothing will happen. But I'll hold my fury in for now. He'll get his chance. In fact, I must summon his within the next two days to tell him of our "plans."

Lucius is still trying to find out about the prophecy, and if he is so fortunate as to do so before the day of attack, then I will integrate it into our plans. No doubt, no matter where it is, on a holiday night there will be few around to guard it and it will easily taken.

For now, however, I must go over more specifics with the vampire, werewolf, dementor, and giant leaders. Lucifer, I hope they can keep this to themselves. If this gets out before the appointed time, even among my ranks some of them might get too anxious and reveal us before it is time. And once again, secrecy is everything here.

current mood: devious

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