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Lord Voldemort's Journal

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Wednesday, October 8th, 2003
Things are still moving slowly. I'm no nearer to the prophecy or Potter than I was two weeks ago.

And yet...I'm beginning to think that things may pick up. Ideas and plans have started to form. But nothing is concrete, yet. Lucius is making his visit to Hogwarts today, and I will wait and see what his thoughts on the current state of affairs there is before I proceed any further.

And, just as important, I want to see what his opinion of Severus is. I do not think I trust him much any longer. His last report was a mere paragraph or two on interhouse tensions and how he has not seen Umbridge in awhile. In other words, it was of absolutely no importance. Three weeks, and that's all the news he could give me. Pathetic.

He has obviously spent too much time in the company of that Muggle-loving fool. In fact, I would dare to venture that not only do his loyalties not lie with me, but they now lie with Dumbledore. I have no proof of this...but the feeling remains. I have kept Severus were he is because of the information I get from him. But if that last throw of crumbs is all he has to offer, then it is not worth it.

I should not jump to conclusions too quickly, though. Severus is in an important position, and if he is truly loyal to me (as slim a chance as that seems) then I cannot just throw it away on a whim and an instinct. I will bide my time and give him yet more chances to prove himself.

At the very least, his next report had better come sooner, and it had better contain more useful information. If not, I will have to summon him for a little...chat.

current mood: stressed

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