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Lord Voldemort's Journal

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Sunday, August 10th, 2003
Thank Hades that did not take as long as I feared. Upon hearing of my situation some distant relatives of one of my most loyal Death Eaters, Antonin Dolohov, voluntarily gave up their estate (and their memories of it) to me. I was at first suspicious of their offer, but after questioning them under truth serum for a short time, it was discovered that they simply hoped their generous offer would provide one of their number (a squib, whom they seem to be very fond of) with protection. And since one lonely squib is of no consequence to me, I readily agreed. Anything to get me out of that mad house...er...cottage.

It is quite a lovely mansion. Fit for a Dark Lord, you might say. There is more than enough room for myself, as well as the 12 Death Eaters recently freed from Azkaban - with plenty of space left over for any visitors. And the dungeons are sure to come in handy. In a few days the necessary spells will be cast and the estate with be completely unplottable and hidden from view. Not even my followers will know where it is - and the only way of getting there will be by apparating after feeling my summons.

All in all, I'd say it was one of the best bargains I've ever struck.

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