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You bunch of bloody fucking fools! The look on your faces as you so boldly stormed in was a sight I'll never forget.

Thought you could save her, did you?

Look what it got you. Short one pathetic wizard and a sorry looking werewolf. Not to mention that you didn't even get what you came for. Though I will admit that you did actually manage to find a couple of sickly Muggles. Congratulations.

Would you like to know how she is? I had no idea she was of such importance to you. Perhaps you'd be interested in a trade? Say, Raelyn Snape in place of the girl? I know Aldous is dying to meet her. Or perhaps Tonks Lupin is a trade that would better suit your fancy? I know how much she would want to see her husband. Furry and disgusting as he is.

The werewolf is in a very safe and secure place, himself. I imagine that it will be very amusing talking to him. He probably has all sorts of things to tell me.

After which, of course, we'll have fun in other ways.
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