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What's this I hear about a Hogsmeade weekend for the students? Sounds like fun. I may have to tag along.

Not likely, actually. While it would make for a nice bit of entertainment, I have more important things to be doing at the moment.

Though I'll admit that it is tempting to send some of the more expendable restless vampires or werewolves to let off a bit of steam. Ah well. There will be other times.

Potter, trying to keep quiet in hopes that I'll forget about you? It's a nice try, but you can't hide from me. I'll keep attacking those who align themselves with you until you come out of hiding and face me.

Care to meet for a duel on the outskirts of Hogsmeade?

And it appears that Bella and Antonin have been successful. This is very good news. It's actually an idea I might just have to expand. To have an army that is completely loyal to me; that haven't been influenced by that old fool. I might have to work on this idea...

That's for the future, of course. At the moment, the main focus needs to be on new recruits here in the present. I know that Malfoy in particular has been working inside the Ministry to persuade purebloods there to our side. He tells me that since the attack he is having particular success. Hopefully this means there will be a group of new initiates soon.
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