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Plans are going very well. It seems that the attack as done all it was intended to do.

Not only does the Daily Prophet report that the Headmaster has been spending time and energy at the Ministry, but my own inside sources report that they have seen glimpses of him as well. And with his attention now directed away from Hogwarts, I can now begin to implement my real plan.

Choosing who would be best suited for this task is not easy, however. Many of my best are already busy working on other projects for me, but I believe I may have to interrupt their progress a bit. This is very important, and I can't have half-arsed twits screwing it up.

Speaking of idiots - damn Augustine. How could she let herself get caught like that? At least the other twit had the sense to die. Despite the fact that she knows very little, I'm uncomfortable with the idea that any little bit of my plans might get out. Especially to Dumbledore, as there is no doubt that he will be very involved in whatever course of action they decide to take with her.

Hopefully she can give them nothing more than rumors and guesses.
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