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You lot of fucking fools! You really think you can stand against me? All of you disgusting half-breeds, Mudbloods, and Muggle-lovers will meet your end soon enough.

You'll all be pleased to know, I'm sure, that most of those you label as "missing" are actually with me. Or my Death Eaters. And it would save a lot of work if you just took them off of the "missing" list and put them on the "never returning" one.

I wouldn't suggest worrying too much about getting them back. Such Mudblood and Muggle-loving filth are learning where their true place in society is.

The entire lot at the Ministry - with the exception of a precious few - are a bunch of incompetent fools. Do they really think they stand a chance against me? I don't even consider them a threat.

The real one is that brat.

But if all goes well, I'll have him soon enough. I've waited this long, after all. What's another few months?
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