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Severus, I hear you had quite the little duel with Aldous a couple of days ago. Almost got yourself killed, from what he tells me. And of course, I know he's not lying.

You really should be more careful. Don't want to be the cause of any more deaths now, do you? It would certainly put a damper on your marriage if the Ministry found out and threw you into Azkaban.

Excellent. Everything is in place for this evening. The Ministry won't know what hit them, and it will hopefully create enough chaos and confusion that for the next several months all focus and energy will be placed on getting the Ministry back in order.

Dumbledore, of course, will probably be asked to play a major role, and with his attention being pulled in so many different directions no one will be the wiser to my ever nearing approach to Hogwarts.

And in addition to this, of course, is all of the information and research we can get our hands on in the Department of Mysteries. We can't have the Ministry discovering powerful new ways to block the Unforgivables or how to kill an immortal, can we?

Aldous has assured me that he will take care of such things. And that he may, perhaps, even find some research that we can use to our own advantage, as well.

The Ministry contributing to its own downfall. Such a thing would delight me to no end.
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