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We've been too quiet, I think. While keeping the Order on the edge is always amusing (not to mention the fact that it wears them down and can make them complacent), if I don't move soon, they will move first.

And that is simply unacceptable.

Not that I have just been doing this for fun. I've been working on many long term plans. Getting inside that bloody castle, for one. I believe I have a way in, but it will require much groundwork and preparation beforehand. I will have to send my best Death Eaters to do the job; we can't have any idiots bungling this. If the Order is alerted to what we are doing, getting inside will become that much harder.

So, we need something to keep the Order distracted. Something to make them think we're trying to get at a person or place that we really don't care about at all. Or at least, not much.

Perhaps an attack on the Ministry? Yes, that would certainly do the trick. A large attack, so the Order thinks we're seriously going after the government first. And one that is timed and played out so that Lucius is there and working to 'defend' against the Death Eater attackers. That would certainly cement his credibility with that bumbling oaf of a Minister. Perhaps I'll even get lucky and the Minister will throw the traitor in Azkaban for trying to speak against such a stalwart and obviously loyal defender of the Ministry. ::smirk::

Yes, I think this will do. Something quick, though. I do not want to waste good Death Eaters on such an attack. We must make it believable, but not stay so ridiculously long that everyone is captured by the Aurors.

Perhaps I'll even make an appearance. It's been quite awhile since I've been out of this bloody mansion, after all. And that would certainly convince them of our 'serious' intent.

Yes. This is exactly what we need. And it must happen soon. Within two weeks - one, if possible. We'll have to do some quick, solid planning. But I've no doubt that this will work.
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